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These are the varieties most often chosen and those that give the most impressive results under most conditions. We despatch pot grown strawberries from April to September. Bare root runners can be planted from October onwards. Generic picures; we will be taking and uploading variety-specific photo's from our trial beds this Summer.

Early Season. The earliest of all varieties, Emily is a season extender as it will often ripen outdoors, without protection from Late May. With the added benefit of cloching this can be brought forward by at least 2 weeks. A compact plant with beautifully intense flavfourful berries which rioen to a dark red. Also ideal for cultivation under glass.
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Mid Season. A larger vigorous plant with large leaves and berries Currently the number one choice for a maicrop mid season variety commercially with a much higher percentage of class one berries than Elsanta. The berries are conically shaped with an attractive bright colour and good flavour; then upright plant habit shows the crop off well for an easy harvest. The fruits suit all purposes well. .
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Autumn/Perpetual. The best modern perpertual strawberry for performance, with very regular crops of high class berries. Fruits June, and again from late July right through and into October. Excellent consistency of yield, flavour moderate.
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Late Season. A good plant that is resistant to Wilt, powdery mildew and vine weevil. A good cropper, ripening from 2nd week in July often until August. Aone TV chef rated its flavour as the best of all which has led to Florence being disproportianately sought after, but that has seldom been the opinion here.
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Mid Season. A French variety from the 1930's which nevertheless keeps its place because its soft, very sweet berries are regarded as being amongst the most flavourful of all. It is a mid season variety with a clean vermillion coloured skin. It is a taller upright plant with some foliar disease problems but where a preventative spary programme can be carreied out then this is a most pleasing variety to grow.
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1st early. Currently the best and most popular of the earlies, usually begins to ripen in earely June. Excellent flavour from moderately sized, bright and attractive fruits which are well displayed around the base of the plant for easy harvesting. For an early variety it is a heavy cropper. Highly recommended.
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Mid Season. Very good, intense juicy flavour and high levels of disease resistance, including botrytis [powdery mould] and wilt. A very good mainstay variety with husky, darker leaves.
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Early A variety with some very nice attributes for the home gardener. A plentiful bearer of medium sized brick red berries with a tender flesh and a true old fashioned strawberry flavour. Raised from 'Marmolado' Mae ripens a week before Elsanta, the standard mid season variety. Suitable for most cultural methods, a variety with handsome berries, lots of them, and a wonderful flavour.
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 Mara des Bois
Autumn/Perpetual. A French variety with some of the Wild strawberry genes in its breeding, this has resulted in a unique, fraggrantly aromatic, deep and complex flavour that is almost like no other. For this Mara de Bois is eternally sought after and justifiably so. It will yield from June through to the frosts, in flushes.
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Mid Season. An Italian variety with a superb flavour that deserves greater appreciation. A good compact plant with useful disease resiostance and darker foliage. The conical berries are attractive and displayed well for easy picking; a good yielder and an excellent all round variety with one of the best flavours around. Recommended, seldom offered variety.
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